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We dont have 39 diferent strains from Positronics in our online marijuana seeds store . Please check list of available seeds bellow:

Afghan stock:Available
Afghan Express stock:Available
Amnesia Mistery stock:Available
Aurora Borealis stock:Available
Black Widow stock:Available
Blue Rhino stock:Available
Californian Orange Bud stock:Available
Caramelice stock:Available
Citral stock:Available
Claustrum stock:Available
Critical #47 stock:Available
Critical Express stock:Available
Cum Laude stock:Available
Early Bud stock:Available
Four Way stock:Available
Hawaiian x Skunk 1 stock:Available
Haze 19 stock:Available
Haze 19 x Skunk 1 stock:Available
Hindu Kush stock:Available
Hollands Hoop stock:Available
Jack Diesel stock:Available
KC33 stock:Available
Masterkush stock:Available
Mayday Express stock:Available
Misty stock:Available
Mixed Sativa x Skunk 1 stock:Available
New Purple Power stock:Available
Northern Haze Express stock:Available
Northern Light stock:Available
Northern Light x Shiva x Citral stock:Available
Purple Haze #1 stock:Available
Shiva stock:Available
Skunk 1 stock:Available
Skunk Red Hair stock:Available
Skunk Special stock:Available
Somango #47 stock:Available
Supercheese stock:Available
Swiss Miss stock:Available